Welcome to Surviving E-Learning during COVID

You will learn from your own team of Psychologist, Therapist, and Coaches

This course will help you:

Succeed Outside a Traditional Classroom
Bridge the Gap between Teachers, Parents & Students
Equip Parents & Kids to Cope with Anxiety
Balance Social Media and Screen Time
Navigate Big Emotions When Things HEAT UP!

What is the greatest PAIN POINT in your family right now?

This year is bringing to the surface or creating some real challenges. Our heart is to come alongside families and give tools, resources and expert advice to navigate the struggles you're facing, so you can increase the calm, compassion,

and connection with those you love.

Take a Sneak Peek inside all 5 Modules

Equipping Parents and Kids to

Cope with Anxiety

Change is hard in general, BUT when a whole Nation and Education has to change, we all get hit with UNCERTAINTY.

How can we effectively adapt?

  • Normalizing the situation brings comfort.
  • Recognizing Emotional Triggers so we Respond NOT React
  • Having a Toolkit of Skills to tackle the Overwhelm
  • Creating a Support System as our Life Line.

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Coping with Anxiety

Bridging the Gap Between Teachers, Parents and Students

Overcoming challenges with technology, boundaries, learning styles, expectations for E-Learning and connecting with schools in a way that help parents handle this transition, has taken some time and adjusting for everyone. How do we:

  • Address the levels of complexity of the situation.
  • Shift expectations and adjust to find solutions.
  • Confront our fear that students will fall behind.
  • Be honest with the struggles and ask for help.

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Teacher, Parents & Students

Succeeding Outside the

Traditional Classroom

The dining room table is the new classroom, and it's getting harder to keep kids focused to complete online classes and assignments!

Embrace a Paradigm Shift on:

  • How to ORGANIZE your space for great learning.
  • Finding a ROUTINE that works for your family.
  • Building in more STRUCTURE to decrease stress.
  • Re-Direct the FOCUS on what's important. Their HEART

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Paradigm Shift about Educating from Home

Balancing Social Media and

Screen Time

We all do it! Escaping into a screen to learn, connect, be entertained or just 'check out", it is simply our culture now.

Is it a bad thing? How much is too much?

Let's talk about the disconnect and signs of over use to better understand the impact on our health and relationships.

Here are some HOW TO's we will cover.

  • How I know if my child has a screen addiction.
  • How over use effects mood and brain function.
  • How to set up and establish boundaries with screens.
  • How to stay connected AND balance the online world.

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Social Media and Screen Time

Navigating Emotions when Things


EMOTIONS are running high, you're getting highjacked by fear, frustration and exhaustion! Your family needs you to pull it together, but you are the one in melt down.

We will unpack the importance of making the Emotional Connections that keep our relationships safe and open so we can help each other move forward in a healthy way.

The BIG Take Aways:

  • How emotional regulation moves us into a "Comfort Zone".
  • How to become a Safe Person for our kids.
  • Increase our capacity to tolerate uncomfortable emotions.
  • Tools to increase our kids ability to self-sooth.
  • Identify emotional triggers so we don't get highjacked.

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When Things HEAT UP

Quick Overview of What you will Get in this Online Course

Ready to Make Some Positive Change?

What our students are saying about the course.

OH WOW!!! So I did not take a “single” page of notes….NOPE…I took 22 PAGES OF NOTES!!

 There are many things Brady and I are doing right already thanks to trial and error, but so many things we need to tweak. Thanks to this course, I now have the tools.

 Just a “Few” Key Words and Phrases:

 -    Establish Support Teams

-     We are not perfect!

-     We are GOOD ENOUGH!

-     Validation of emotions

-     C-A-L-M

-     Control

-     Grieving of the Old Normal

-     Embracing the good that we can find in the “Right Now” normal.

I could go on and on! If I could give any advice for people deciding to take this course, I would tell them I wish I had this information back in March of last year!! Our homeschooling experience would have gone much better!! I would advise parent or caregiver to take the time over a few days, if they can’t take it all at one time, to take the course. They will want to take notes!!

 Great course Cheryl!! You put together a wonderful team! One more thing, I really appreciated the personal experiences you and the team added. It really made it feel real. I felt like you all truly validated my feelings, and I am not alone in this! 

Stephanie C, KY